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Managing Product Claims with Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

As pharmaceutical and medical device companies seek to streamline their promotional review processes, the advancements in AI offer promising solutions. Govise, Inc., your premier partner in medical promotional review services, is committed to staying at the forefront of these innovations, continuously exploring the new capabilities of AI in this space.

We wanted to share this post from our partners at Papercurve who recently shared the unique capabilities of Promotional Claims powered by Paige AI with us.  From enhancing accuracy and speed to minimizing risks, this article highlights the transformative potential of AI in the realm of promotional review.

Get ready to embark on this journey and unlock the incredible possibilities of AI in optimizing your promotional claims management.

Article below by Papercurve

A new product’s compliance with regulatory requirements is an important factor to consider when it’s being marketed to consumers and professionals.

In the long run, product claims used in marketing materials for new life science products benefit from proper management.

‍What are Product Claims?

Product Claims are phrases used to support the promotion of a product and its benefits. For a product claim to be used, it must adhere to an approval process.

The phrase is submitted with a request for approval and it needs to be substantiated with the appropriate references. Once approved, the product claim can be used in promotional materials.

‍Why have Product Claims Management?

Managing promotional product claims keeps wording consistent across multiple pieces of content.

Having a product claims management system keeps you on the same page with your agency or external regulatory partner.

The product claims management system also prevents redundancy of work. By having all your product claims in one place, onboarding new vendors or hires becomes more efficient because they can leverage the repository of everything approved in the past..

When there are changes or updates to product claims, the management system has a record of all materials that used the affected product claim and provides traceability. A product claims management system increases efficiencies in management and reduces cost overall.

How artificial intelligence helps:

Current solutions like Veeva “auto product claims linking” only discover a product claim if there is an exact text match. The reality is that wording is often similar but not identical so matches are not found.

Papercurve Product Claims powered by Paige AI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to read the text, understand its meaning, and find relevant results. Results are found without the need for an exact text match.

Make new hires and partners productive faster

Building and maintaining a single source of the truth is critical for fast growing teams to bring new hires and vendors up to speed quickly.

Maintain your institutional knowledge

A promotional product claims database is a key part of the institutional knowledge within your organization. The effort to create and maintain a product claims database, and the value delivered to teams is far greater thanks to technology like machine learning and natural language processing.

Maintain consistent content and find product claims easily when they need to be updated. As you scale, product claims management accelerates your content creation while maintaining compliance.

Interested in Product Claims powered by Paige AI? See it in action by booking a discovery call or learn more.