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Launch of Govise, Inc. Brings a New Promotional Review Solution

Govise aims to elevate the medical promotional review function and offers a modern alternative to current support models

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies now have a new choice to meet their medical promotional review demands. Offering ad-hoc to fully integrated resourcing options, Govise, Inc. provides a tailored solution for companies to navigate ever-changing staffing needs to support their advertising and promotional campaigns. Govise team members are available to partner with clients to assist in reviewing and contributing to content, ensuring that it is as compelling as it is compliant.

“With more than 25 combined years of experience leading teams and providing medical promotional review services supporting both pharmaceuticals and medical devices, we understand the importance of collaborative and high-quality medical reviews.” says Jimmie Overton, Co-Founder and Managing Partner. “There are times when in-house staff cannot always handle the influx of work that often exceeds capacity, and we aim to be the premier partner to provide critical resource solutions.”

“We understand the importance of collaborative and high-quality medical reviews.” Jimmie Overton, Co-Founder, Govise, Inc.

Janet Gottlieb, Co-Founder and Managing Partner agrees: “Currently, there are limited options for companies to rapidly flex into expanding promotional review capacity without negatively impacting overall capability, other brands dependent on the same reviewers, or employee morale. We offer a solution that, with minimal commitment, can add significant value to the process, increase efficiency, reduce review timelines, and drive results all while preventing burnout.”

Furthermore, Govise aims to elevate the medical promotional review function and free medical affairs departments from relying on their internal resources alone by providing critical expertise and medical promotional review experience to navigate the complex regulatory landscape. This allows internal medical affairs staff to focus on driving strategy, building their relationship with the medical and scientific community, and prioritizing patient-focused activities.

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About Govise, Inc.

Govise, Inc. is the premier partner for medical promotional review services and medical affairs consulting for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Govise offers the flexibility needed by providing both ad-hoc and team integrated services.

Govise medical promotional review services deliver high-quality medical reviews that maximize the impact of science in a complex regulatory environment while maintaining the highest standards, quality and compliance.