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Assembling Your Product’s Promotional Review Committee: Considerations for Outsourcing Medical Promotional Review

Having a promotional review committee (PRC) and process is critical for pharmaceutical promotional and advertising materials. However, many organizations struggle to create and implement a process that is collaborative, cost-effective, efficient, and practical. It is standard practice to draw from existing organizational resources in established functions to conduct promotional review, but for Medical Affairs, dedicated resources for this role can pose a challenge.  Rarer still is identifying talent within Medical Affairs that has the broad experience and specialized expertise required for success in the medical promotional reviewer role.

Trying to assemble a team from existing medical affairs resources requires you to pull from established roles and away from other critical strategic objectives.  Additionally, in-house staff cannot always handle the influx of work that often exceeds the capacity needed to truly support the needs of a strong marketing campaign. This is especially true for new campaigns and new product launches where the need to support our marketing colleagues rapidly escalates.

With more and more pharmaceutical and device companies using social media to market their products, the demand for timely, accurate, and experienced medical promotional review support has never been more needed. That’s why pharmaceutical and medical device companies are increasingly considering third-party specialized firms to both elevate the expertise and support level for their commercial teams.  This approach also serves as a cost-effective alternative to adding headcount or repurposing existing Medical Affairs talent to support this important function.

Ad Promo Support for Your Pharmaceutical or Device Product With Help From Govise

Govise is the premier medical promotional review company for emerging and established pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Whether your organization is looking for an ad hoc review, outside consult, or a fully integrated solution, a trusted partner can make all the difference in meeting your objectives, resource requirements, and business needs. We provide comprehensive reviews to ensure your organization efficiently approves compliant and compelling content by:

  • serving as Medical Promotional Reviewer supporting steering committee meetings for assigned therapeutic area and brands
  • verifying and contributing to the medical and scientific accuracy of promotional content and claims
  • collaborating with stakeholders across Commercial/Marketing, Regulatory Affairs, Legal, and Compliance and engage cross-functional solutions and recommendations
  • providing medical insight and perspective into the development and direction of new and novel marketing campaigns and materials
  • fully investing in your success and serving as an extension of your team

There’s a lot at stake when bringing a new product to market. Pharma and medical device compliance is critical but so is supporting your commercial team’s ability to communicate compelling product information to patients and health care practitioners. Join the growing list of successful brands that have partnered with Govise for their medical promotional review needs.